ATHOS-Map with descriptions in German and Greek

Depiction of the estates of the 20 ATHOS monasteries

Reinhold Zwerger spent 15 years working intensively on the cartography of Athos. This resulted in his 1:50,000 map of Athos
with 25 m contour lines.


It has since become indispensable for people hiking on Athos.
It has been recommended and highlighted time and again
in internet comments.


This map first appeared in 1981 and has been re-published three times since then to allow for changes to the network of trails. The map is accompanied by the booklet "Wege am ATHOS" (Footpaths on ATHOS), with detailed descriptions by Reinhold Zwerger in German and English.


Accompanying booklet "Wege am ATHOS" (Footpaths on Athos)